As Golden Bridge Ltd company, we realized most concert organization together with the Istanbul Metropolitan for 10 years.  

In the new season, as a company, we decides to organize any special concert programs based on the World Concert Program.  

In this scope, we bring the 100-person Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra, the biggest and most famous Gypsy Orchestra to Istanbul for only ONE CONCERT to be organized at the night on Saturday, 16th April, 2016.

Mr. Oszkar Okros, who is a virtuoso playing the Cymbal instrument best in the world, and Mr.  Jozsef Lendvai Csocsi, who is one of virtuoso artists playing the violin best in the world and is also Chief of the Orchestra, take place in the body of this orchestra.

Mrs. Diana KALKANOGLU acting on behalf of Golden Bridge Ltd. is an exclusive agent of the Budapest Gypsy Symphony Orchestra in Turkey.


Golden Bridge Ltd was founded first in St. Petersburg in 2005. Once it was founded in Istanbul in June, 2009, it was closed in St. Petersburg in 2010.

We realized our first concert at the Istanbul Cemal Resit Rey Concert Hall in November, 2008. Mr. Konstantin Moscovich, who is a Pan Flute artist playing Turkish tracks in her concerts performed in five continents of the world, and 25 people from the Ukrainian Army Song and Dance Orchestrate came.

In 2009, we organized our concert with the Moldovan  Concertino Accordion Ensemble, which won the world championship every year in last 10 years.

In February, 2010, we organized the EMITT Tourism Fair Opening Gala Program and stage performances for 4 days.

At the night on 29th October, 2010, we organized the concert of Mr. Konstantin Moscovich and Special Orchestra at the Gala Night of the Republic Day of the Buyukcekmece Metropolitan Municipality.

In February, 2012, we realized the concert of Mrs. Maria Maksakova, who is most famous soprano of Russian and parliament of the United Russia Party of President Putin.

In December, 2014, we organized the Concertino Accordion Ensemble Concert once again.

The concert was performed by the St. Petersburg Andreyevskiy Tsarism Orchestra, one of the oldest orchestras of Russia, in May, 2015.

In October, 2010, we released the “Best of Konstantin Moscovich” Album containing 3 Turkish tracks (CD) (first and unique in Turkey).

We continues our activities to publish books of Turkish authors in Russian in Russia, and books of Russian authors in Turkish in Turkey.

We continue our activities to publish the novel “Crazy Turks,” which reach the highest circulation (3 million print runs) in History of Turkey, in Russian in Russia. Russian translation of the book was completed. This book will be published and published in Moscow in 2018 and we will be participating in the International Moscow Book Fair in September 2018.

And with this book, we shall participate in the International Moscow Book Fair to be organized in September 2016.


We stayed for 2 years in Moscow and for 1 year in St. Petersburg, and realized totally 10,000 colored photo shoots.

Using these photos, we published 224 pages of the “Moscow” city guide separately in Russian and Turkish in big size and very luxury print in 2004, and 320 pages of the “St. Petersburg” city guide separately in Russian and Turkish in big size and very luxury print in 2007 in Russia.

Our “Moscow” albums were presented by Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer to Russian President Viladimir Putin, who came to    Ankara in December, 2004. Our “St. Petersburg” albums (which genuine leather covered) with an original leather cover were presented by Dr. Kadir Topbas, Major of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, to President Putin, who came to Istanbul for  the KEI (Black Sea Economic Corporation) Meeting in July, 2008.

We organized the “Moscow with Photos” Exhibition at the Istanbul Harbiye Military Museum halls between 24th and 30th September, 2004. Our exhibition was repeated in Antalya in the scope of the 41st Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival organized between 3rd and 10th October, 2004 upon an invitation of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality.


In next 5 years, we shall bring most important artists, orchestras and groups from five continents of the world (from USA to Japan, from China to Russia) to Istanbul for concerts.

And we will publish most books from Russian to English.

Best regards,



General Manager     

We registered Golden Bridge as registered trademark by the Turkish Patent Institute ®